Bellocq Pure Tea Collection

This carefully curated collection of pure teas offers a generous selection of five favorite blacks, greens, and whites. Packaged in a beautiful yellow Bellocq Box, this collection also includes 25 filter bags. We hope you enjoy sipping these brews as much as we enjoyed sourcing them.

No. 36, Darjeeling 2nd Flush, 30g • FTGFOP1 from the Sourenee Estate, this organically-grown tea offers honey-sweet muscatel notes with an earthy, malted finish.

No. 17, Dragonwell, 20g • The organic pan-roasted green tea famous for its smooth, vegetal, roasted chestnut flavor and pale green liquor is a constant favorite of ours.

No. 11, White Peony, 20g • This organic white tea consists of leaves and buds wherein notes of leather and hay abound. This delicate tea brews a golden honey liquor with a distinctly long, pleasant finish. 

No. 19, Lapsang Souchong, 30g • An organic black tea scented with pinewood smoke, these leaves are plucked at high elevations in the Wuyi Mountains, producing an earthy flavor with notes of honey and brewing a rich red liquor. 

No. 10, Jasmine Silver Needles, 30g • These silver needles, heat-infused with the essence of jasmine flowers, offer a delicate, crisp jasmine flavor, earthy notes of hay and fresh, nearly-ripened peaches, and yields a light apricot liquor.

Plus 25 tea filter bags