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We’re dreaming of
Windswept Shores & Sicilian Citrus


Ravishing and refreshing, The BELLOCQ Iced Tea Collection unfurls against this enchanting vision of windswept coastal beauty. The sharpness and sweetness of citrus pair beautifully with balmy days and light, casual fare perfect for leisurely gatherings under the stars.

This summer, we’ll sail off to distant shores, and sip botanical-infused blends on ice, garnished with an abundance of fresh herbs and flowers, or in golden-hour aperitifs, and dream the day away, on a cloud of blood orange perfumed with Moroccan rose,  juicy Oro Blanco grapefruit paired with wild mint and chamomile blossom, and elegant white tea leaves bursting with high-summer peach and a dusting of French lavender.  This collection is refreshing, inspiring — and best of all, terrifically transporting. Ciao!

Steeped, Shaken or Stirred

Botanical iced teas serve as a wonderful base for refreshing summer cocktails and mocktails

golden-hour aperitifs

Warm afternoons call for icy cocktails that are light and hydrating. But as day turns to night, the flavors become more concentrated and the cocktails a bit more potent. Steep tea directly in alcohol or prepare infused simple syrups to extract the nuance of the tea.

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a celebration of the natural world

Groves of glowing citrus rise above the dark sea on sun-weathered terraces. The legendary fruits that inhabit this cultural crossroads of antiquity — bergamot, lemon, orange, blood orange, grapefruit, tangerine and mandarin are so inherently voluptuous, imaginations are set aflame.

Who among us can resist the temptation of fleshy pomelo kissed by sultry jasmine, or the warm, comforting scent of dried orange blossoms, full of poetry and promise?

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