Luxury Black Tea Blends

Indulge in the romantic world of luxury loose leaf, black teas, where alchemy infuses the best of tradition with the delectable expressions of rare botanicals. Gently blended by hand from bowls of rose petals, camomile buds, sharp ginger, plump vanilla bean and fragrant spices, our full leaf tea blends are created intuitively, emerging from a place where fantasy and memory entwine to create a beguiling, visceral experience, revealing the very essence of the exceptional leaves.

We invite you to explore new realms within the enchanting floral and Sicilian citrus notes of no. 35, The Earl Grey or sip the fragrant resonance of our classically spiced Chai, rich with cardamon, warming ginger and quills of Ceylon cinnamon. This journey of flavor is as diverse as it is captivating.