Green Yerba Mate Tea

Step into the invigorating world of Illex Paraguariensis, known more commonly as yerba mate, where tradition meets refreshment in a single cup. This herbaceous infusion, with a history as rich as the land it hails from, offers a compelling alternative to traditional tea. Cherished by the Argentine people, yerba mate boasts a distinctive profile, offering a delicate blend of slightly toasty notes, with an aroma that is both nuanced and inviting.

Embrace the essence of the Argentine spirit as you take a sip from a traditional gourd and bombilla. Close your eyes and listen to the rustle of the grass in the wind and the warmth of the sun as the aromatics transport you to the vast expanse of the Pampas, . With every sip, yerba mate becomes not just a beverage but a journey— one cup at a time. Don your rebenque and poncho, and indulge in the experience that is as authentic as it is revitalizing.