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Video from The Martha Stewart Show + Bellocq

February 29, 2012

The Martha Stewart Show has posted this video featuring BELLOCQ TEA ATELIER. We had a wonderful time visiting with Martha on her show. It had been several years since we had spoken so this was a great chance to catch-up a bit and to share Bellocq teas. Martha always has something interesting to add to the conversation... who knew, Martha has studied tea!!! 

Martha visited with us in the green room before the show started and It was so nice to talk casually with her again. We will never forget this appearance it was so much fun and felt a little bit like a home coming...

We love Martha and her appreciation of craft: in all its forms.

(Bellocq introduced their teas to the lovely Martha Stewart and to all of North America on the Martha Stewart Show on Thursday, February 16th!!!  The show was LIVE and we were all holding our breath waiting to see Heidi and Michael sharing our fine tea blends with Martha) 

A BIG thank you to all our friends & tea fans!

xx @bellocq