Our guide to the perfect cup of matcha 

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Whether sipped on its own or in a creamy latte, matcha is your portal to a refreshing start. Unlike traditional tea leaves, matcha is not simply an infusion, but a fine suspension. The tea leaves (tencha) are milled between chilled granite stones into a refined powder which is consumed in its entirety. Unlike coffee, which often arrives with a caffeinated sidecar of jittery nerves, the rich polyphenols contained within matcha soften the effects of caffeine, producing a smooth, bright alertness without the unpleasant crash. Enjoying a bowl of matcha not only enriches your day with nourishment and a gentle burst of energy, but a focused and tranquil state of mind.


Step 1


From exceptionally grown leaves cultivated on the verdant hillsides of Uji, Kyoto, Japan, our rare and refined matchas are a blend of shincha (first-flush) Asahi, Ujihikari, Saemidori and Samidori cultivars. We are deeply honored to be working with one of the most revered mills in Japan, who have been producing exquisite matcha since the 16th century, serving emperors, tea masters, samurai, and now our discerning clientele.

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Step 2

Prepping the matcha

Put 1 tsp of matcha in a sifter; gently sift powdered tea into a matcha bowl. Sifting the matcha creates a finer, more luxurious froth. Additionally, because static electricity creates non-dissolving clumps of matcha, sifting will eliminate this issue ensuring a smooth bowl every time.

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Step 3

spring or filtered water

Always brew your tea with spring or filtered water. It is worth the effort and makes a significant difference. Tap water and reverse osmosis does not produce optimal results.

Step 4

Proper Temperature

Proper water temperature is essential to extracting the finest flavor profile from leaves and botanicals. For our matcha, bring filtered or spring to 160ºF. This may also be achieved by bringing water to a boil and setting aside for about 5-7 minutes.

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Step 5

Whisk & Froth

Add a few tablespoons of cold water to the sifted matcha & using a traditional chasen (bamboo whisk), gently stir until smooth. Add 4-5 ounces of 160ºF water and whisk in an M or Z motion until fully incorporated and a fine froth is achieved.

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Step 6

Sip & Enjoy

Naturally abundant in health-promoting polyphenols, potent catechins, and antioxidants, matcha is a powerful addition to your wellness practices. To maintain freshness, we recommend storing matcha in the refrigerator.

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