Fumetsu Komachi Matcha | 不滅小町


Fumetsu Komachi is a ceremonial matcha of exceptional rarity. This exquisite blend of hand-picked, shincha (first-flush) Asahi, Ujihikari, Saemidori, and Samidori cultivars is an expression of an ancient and timeless order, as if the water that nourished the leaves originated from Paleozoic aquifers held deep within the Earth.  Ancient wisdom quietly disseminates with each sip of this remarkable koicha (thick tea). 

Rich mineral notes impart a deep resonance to this matcha, which, if it were a wine, would be classified as Grand Cru. It is a masterful offering to the world, inspiring meditation and profound stillness. Perfect for tea ceremony or moments of contemplation. A member of our team suggested this matcha might have been "distilled from a stalactite" and the perfect choice for "Jedi's everywhere". Futmetsu Komachi translates to "The Immortal Poet" and is one of the most exceptional teas we have had the honor, and pleasure, to experience. 

Fumetsu Komachi Matcha is part of the new Bellocq Matcha collection. We are honored to be working with one of the most revered matcha producers in Japan who have been cultivating and processing exquisite matcha since the 16th century. Enjoyed by Emperors, their rare and exceptional teas may now be enjoyed by our discerning clientele.

 To Prepare:

Bring filtered or spring water to 160ºF. Put 1-2 tsp of matcha in a sifter; gently sift powdered tea into a matcha bowl. Add a few tablespoons of water and whisk until smooth. Add the remaining 4-5 ounces (or to preference) of water and whisk, in an M or Z motion, until fully incorporated and a fine froth is achieved. 

Packaging: Prepared in a sealed 30g bag. To maintain freshness, we recommend storing matcha in the refrigerator.

Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan, 2022