No.05, Snow Drop Jasmine


                              Jasmine Blossom ~ Delicate ~ Floral

Wonderfully delicate and exceptional, Snow Drop Jasmine (Bi Tan Piao Xue) is named so as a handful of white jasmine blossoms decorate the tea which, upon brewing, float gracefully to the top of the tea, twirling here and there in the pale, green brew.

This truly exceptional tea is from Sichuan Province, where jasmine tea is ubiquitous in restaurants and tea houses.  The tea is harvested in spring, with a picking standard of one bud and one leaf, toward the end of March. The tea is stored in coolers, to wait for the jasmine harvest.  Then, the tea is layered with jasmine blossoms, allowed to rest, sorted, fired and the process is repeated several times which ensures a fine, beautifully scented tea. 

(Also shown with Jasmine Pearls)

Harvest Date: 2018 Origin -  Sichuan Province, China

Picking Standard: one bud with 1 leaf

Brewing Instructions: 

  • 1 tsp per 8oz/250ml of water  
  • 175ºF/80ºC  (Bring fresh, cold spring water to a boil. Remove from heat, set aside 3 minutes, and proceed.)  
  • Brew 4-6 minutes  
  • Good for 4-5 infusions