Kokushuu Tea Set

The Kumagai company was founded in 1935 and specializes in producing traditional Kyoto pottery. This porcelain Kyoto-ware, Kiyomizu-ware tea set with it's unique, generous spout enjoys a beautiful dark bronze glaze.  The thin, elegant edge of the tea cups speaks to the exquisite mastery of it's designer. 

The popularity of the tea ceremony created a large demand for earthenware tea sets, and as Kyoto was then the capital of Japan, artisans from all over the country were in the city and were more than eager to apply their skills.

A very special piece, for yourself or as a gift.

Teapot, with two cups

Teapot: 6.25” x 4”, H 3.5”; 450 ml. capacity

Tea cup: 2.75”, H 2.5”; 150 ml capacity

Designer: Junzo Yamashita