Koryu Ikebana Scissors


Drink tea, arrange flowers, enjoy life. Ikebana encourages us to celebrate the found, the foraged and the cultivated. Whether the approach is with a restrained and elegant eye or an exploration into the feral spirit, the opportunity to create beauty invites spaciousness within ourselves and fosters a connection with the essence of nature. Ikebana is an ancient practice of complex design and philosophical principals, but we encourage you to simply enjoy a cup of tea and welcome more nature into your life. 

Koryu Ikebana Scissors: Primarily designed for Ikebana flower arrangement, these artisan-forged, carbon-steel scissors include a long shank and short blades making them delightfully versatile and beginner friendly.  The traditional Japanese design with looped-grip, or 'Tsuru', allows for a less tiring user experience. For a more ergonomic control, use with gloves. With a short rounded but pointed edge, it severs flower fibers cleanly resulting in better water absorption. The length of the blade makes it ideal for detailed work, but not suitable for thick branches.

These handsome shears can be used not only for ikebana but for general flower arrangement, gardening and harvesting. With care, these scissors will last a lifetime. (Buy well, buy once!)
  • Item Details

    Hand wash only.

    Approximate Dimensions: 6.69"L x 3.93"W x 0.78"H

    Material: Carbon steel

    Made in Japan