Ikebana Essential Set (Bowl & Kenzan)

Embrace your inner Constance Spry and adorn your world with flowers.  Kenzan, also known as flower frogs, are the perfect (and more stylish) alternative to floral foam.  Kenzan translates to 'sword mountain' in reference to the mounded and spiky metal form. Rather dramatic, and so, too, shall your arrangements be.  

Kenzan may be used for ikebana and as well as more traditional Western-style floral arrangements and allow nearly any vessels to become a vase, freeing you up to a world of floral possibilities. The metal spikes hold flowers and branches in place and actually allow them to take in more water, prolonging their beauty. 

Our pleasantly weighty, Japanese, artisan-crafted kenzan are well made and will last a lifetime with care. Certainly more environmentally-friendly than floral foam and definitely more chic.