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Hasami Porcelain Teacup and Plate


We've always felt that our products should be beautiful on the shelf and comfortable in the hand. Our teas want to be held and inhaled and appreciated. Naturally, the vessels in which we serve our teas beg the same attention. We carry Hasami porcelain with this hope in mind. 

Designed by Taku Shinamoto, our Hasami porcelain is produced in the southern region of Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, an area with an enduring tradition of pottery production dating from the 16th century. The high-fired, earthen-hued modular pieces are uniquely crafted from finely ground stones harvested on Japan's Amakusa Islands. 

Material: Porcelain


Cup ~ 3.1/4"d x 2.1/8"h

Plate ~ 7.1/4"d x 7/8"h


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