The Sanctuary Collection


Cultivate moments of sanctuary and illuminate journeys of ritual and light. The Sanctuary Collection includes eighteen slender, ivory tapers presented in a brass vessel expertly crafted by Bellocq metal artisans, a Traveler Caddy of our best selling herbal blend, No. 122, Nocturne, a restful tisane of winter-harvested Egyptian chamomile, lavender, therapeutic mullein flower and mint and our signature brass handwoven petite strainer. For quiet moments of contemplation or to complement your yoga practice, we encourage you to incorporate restorative practices into the daily rhythms of your life. Available in Yellow or Blue. 

The Sanctuary Collection includes (1) Brass Sanctuary Candle, (18) soy-blend tapers, (1) Yellow or Blue Traveler Caddy and (1) hand-woven brass petite strainer.

Bellocq Sanctuary Candle: Created from a blend of high-quality waxes, including beeswax, and a pure cotton wick, the Sanctuary Candles are long burning, drip and smoke resistant. Packaged in our elegant peacock blue candle box. Burn time per taper: 1 hour

No. 122, Nocturne:  A restful blend of chamomile, lavender, mullein flower and mint to help soothe your way toward a blissful night of sleep. Chamomile has been used for centuries to combat stress and insomnia. Apigenin is a bioflavonoid compound abundant in this gentle flower, and provides a sedative effect on the nervous system. Mullein flower shares this natural sedative quality and, in addition, soothes inflammation. Make this gentle tisane part of your evening routine. caffeine-free

Ingredients:  Chamomile, lavender, mullein flower, and mint