Takazawa Tohaku Small Candle Set


TOHAKU collection is a special line of candles paying homage to the paintings of Tohaku Hasegawa, one of the most famous painters in Japan. Inspired by the forests of his childhood, Tohaku's work highlighted the pine trees and forests surrounding his childhood home. The flame is meant to represent an extension of the gentle lines of these trees, reminding you of a rustic simplicity.

Create tranquil moments at home with this elegant candle set, beautifully presented in a simple wooden box. 

Set includes 7 candles and 1 small koma candle stand. 

Approximate burn time: 80 min.

  • Item Details

    Approximate Dimensions: Candles are 3.5" H from wick to base.

    Materials: Sumac wax

    Made In: Japan

    CAUTION: Do not leave candle unattended when burning