Punk Ikebana


In her new, glorious tome, 'Punk Ikebana', Louesa Roebuck composes stunning arrangements and installations that unite the cultural traditions and elegance of Japanese perspective with exhilarating freedom from convention. This wonderfully spirited floral designer wields ravaging compositions with seasonal flora foraged from the West Coast. 

"The way of the flowers” has been studied for centuries, but as acclaimed author, artist, and floral designer Louesa Roebuck demonstrates, one needs to understand the rules in order to bend them. ("Indeed - and how," says team Bellocq.)

Exuberant compositions are created with what is on hand, establishing a harmonious dialogue with the flora, space, color, vessels, and textiles readily available. Aligning her deep commitment to the environment with her love of foraging, gleaning, and sourcing regionally, Louesa serves as an intrepid visionary into the natural world.