USA TODAY - 10 Great Places for Tea

USA TODAY - 10 Great Places for Tea

10 Great Places to Curl up with a Cup of Tea

Tea has come a long way from the white-glove formality of Downton Abbey. A new generation of tea lounges has emerged, emphasizing that the drink is healthy and hip, says Karen Palmer, Good Taste editor of "Even though they're serving a centuries-old beverage, they're putting their new spin on it, and making it a modern place for everyday enjoyment." She shares some favorite spots with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.

Bellocq (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Once based in London, this upscale boutique and tasting room brings its offerings to the up-and-coming Greenpoint neighborhood. "They are known for their handcrafted blends of tea and they sell some design-minded tea accessories as well," Palmer says. The shop also has subscription a program offering a monthly artisan tea . 800-495-5416;

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