The New Potato - 10 Perfect Hostess Gifts

The New Potato - 10 Perfect Hostess Gifts

10 Perfect Host/Hostess Gifts

From Event Designer

David Stark

It’s summer, the season of hosting, so hopefully you’re entertaining your family and friends with dinner parties that include ambitious recipes and cocktails galore. If you’re on the other side of that (i.e the guest who just attends lots of parties) you at least should be well versed in gifting your host/hostess upon arrival. Celebrity event designer David Stark gave us a few tips on that front. His client list includes Brad Pitt and Beyonce, so you might want to listen to him…


5. Bellocq Tea is one of my favorite go-to’s for gift giving – the quality and presentation is phenomenal. Pair it with The New Tea Companion.



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