AlohaSunday - Travel + Review

AlohaSunday - Travel + Review

Last month while in NY, we took a few hours on our last day to to meet Heidi Stewart and Michael Shannon, the founders of Bellocq Tea, at their Greenpoint outpost. As an avid tea drinker, I’ve been luckily enough to enjoy Asia’s best tea from China, Taiwan, and Japan. So we were pleased to discover Bellocq’s full leaf teas were of the same caliber.

Bellocq Tea Atelier

Stepping into their romantic space is a welcome respite from the cacophony of sound that is NYC. The first thing you notice is how quiet it is. You are forced to slow down and really take it in. Next you realize how good it smells. So much of taste is in the scent.

Bellocq Tea Atelier 1

Bellocq Tea Atelier 2

Bellocq Tea Atelier 3

Spend a few moments with Michael and Heidi like we did and it becomes apparent how passionate and well-versed they are about tea and the intense effort that goes into each blend. The interior is largely decorated using rustic dark woods contrasted with striking fuchsia walls. There’s no music which could be bothersome but we see it as a plus. It invites conversation and stimulates thought.

If coffee is the fuel for business meetings, tea is the fuel for healthy dialogue and exchange. A few wonderful hours later We left with some excellent iced recipes, smiles on our faces, and a newfound appreciation for tea.

Bellocq Tea Atelier - 104 West St. Ground Floor