HARRODS of London Welcomes Bellocq Tea Atelier

Three years ago we departed from our first and greatly beloved tea atelier in London. At the time our hearts were filled with a mixture of excitement and uneasiness. We were uneasy about leaving Bellocq's first home, our many friends and clients. We were also excited to build our future home and headquarters in Brooklyn. As we departed we made ourselves and our wonderful clients a promise. We promised to find a extraordinary new home for Bellocq's teas in Great Britain.

 On that note: we are absolutely delighted to have found a perfect new home for Bellocq in London! Thank you Harrods! We couldn't dream of a finer location!

Bellocq teas are now available in Harrods legendary Tea & Coffee Hall!

We highly suggest you pay Harrods a visit. The experience is exquisite!

Enjoy!   xoxo Bellocq