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Bellocq Tea Atelier had a short run on King's Road in London before losing its lease; however, the owners are opening a new atelier at 37 Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn (and are seeking a new location in London). Founders Heidi Johannsen Stewart, Michael Shannon, Young Yoon, and Scott Stewart (among them they have worked at Anthropologie, Martha Stewart, and SAAW in the Upper Hudson) "joined creative forces with a desire to collaborate on a shared aesthetic, an appreciation of traditional artisan production, and a passion for tea."

The interior embodies an apothecary feel; think Mariage Freres in the Marais (only far less Moliere and much more Dalai Lama), with small, perfectly composed, Zen-like vignettes. The founders do everything themselves—from the crafting of the tea to the plastering of the walls and the design of the furniture and the packaging. Expect the same handcrafted feeling in the new Brooklyn location, which features reclaimed flooring, deep aubergine plastered walls, plus a few aesthetic surprises; stay tuned for an opening date.

Above: "One of the many creative window displays in the King's Road Atelier."

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