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Bellocq tea shop, London 

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By Apphia Michael  - 05/12/2010

You don't have to tell your oolong apart from your pu-erh to know that any shop claiming to use authentic essence of Bergamot to replicate what Earl Grey himself would have sipped over a century ago, is well worth a visit. Bellocq, the newly opened 'tea atelier' on the King's Road, was recently only available in New York, until founders Heidi Johannsen Stewart, Michael Shannon and Scott Stewart decided that we devoted tea-drinkers of the UK deserved a pick of the leaves too.

Pledging to stay true to the spirit and customs of tea production, the brand has fixed its sights on working with responsible gardens and merchants to get its tea supply. The result is a carefully curated selection in the London shop, ranging from pure whole leaf varieties for the purist, to the brand's palette of blended teas for the more adventurous soul.



 Hello Wallpaper!  We are very please to find that you love a good cup of tea!  Thank you for the lovely article!

Hello Wallpaper!  Thanks for lovely article!