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no. 130, Jasmine Pomelo Blossom, Iced Tea


Floral ~ Citrus ~ Tropical

Few earthly pleasures compare to a sultry summer day infused with the heady scent of jasmine. Jasminum Sambac, Poet's Jasmine, Asian Star, Night Blooming Jasmine, the unabashed sensuality hangs in the air, beckoning us to dream, our visions ascending toward the heavens.  Perhaps this is what Seals & Croft was trying to tell us. 

Infuse your summer with this delicately scented blend of organic jasmine green tea strewn with chamomile blossoms and fleshy notes of citrus. Serve as is, or slightly sweetened. 

Makes 2 gallons (32 eight ounce servings), includes 5 filter bags for easy brewing.


Ingredients: organic jasmine green tea, chamomile blossoms, and natural essences. 

Packaged in our signature Bellocq Yellow boxes and sent with care - containing four sachets of tea plus 5 filter bags.

Net wt. 2.5 oz

  • Brewing Instructions

    Cold Brew Method: Combine 1/2 cup tea leaves with 1 gallon filtered or spring water. Cover and let sit at room temperature for about 4 hours, or to taste; strain and chill. Makes 1 gallon. 

    Quick Brew Method: Bring 3 cups filtered or spring water to a boil; let cool 3 minutes.  Put 1 tablespoon tea leaves in a heat-proof container. Pour water over leaves. Add one cup ice cubes, and stir to combine.  Makes 1 quart.

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