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Gyokuro Tea Collection

This elegant collection is for the Japanese tea connoisseur.  The Gyokko Tokoname teapot is perfectly suited for brewing luxurious gyokuro leaves, and other specialty Japanese teas. The broad base, allows the tea leaves ample room to brew, drawing forth the umami-rich flavor of the tea.

Our No. 26, Gyokuro is another graceful and meticulous organic masterpiece from Mr. Konishi.  Hand-plucked young buds reveal a light, fresh and herbaceous cup with delicate, articulated floral notes, suggestive of orchid and presents with a sustaining, uplifting energy.  This beautiful Harumidori gyokuro enjoys profound clarity and elegance.

 Of the six ancient kiln towns of Japan: Seto, Shigaraki, Echizen, Tanba, and Bizen, Tokoname is the oldest and largest. Dating back to the 12th century, this specific type of pottery has been held in high esteem for its unique terroir. The clay gathered from the Chita peninsula contains a large amount of iron, making the clay turn red after baking (shudei).

The collection includes: (1) Gyokko Tokoname Teapot and (1) Atelier Bag No. 26, Gyokuro