Arare Cast Iron Kettle

Forged from Nambu ironware in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan, this cast iron kettle is of exceptional heirloom quality. It is said that the "Arare" pattern is an expression of newly fallen hail on soft ground. This expressive landscape is indicated by the fine dots that are hand-applied to the mold - one by one. Nambu ironware is composed of pure iron and is of the highest quality.

Water boiled within the kettle is milder in taste which pairs well with Japanese green or Chinese oolong tea.  As a note, please be sure to discard of all hot water inside of the kettle to avoid rusting. Pat dry after immediately after use to keep the cast iron clean and dry. Rust, however, is not harmful to your health and it can be easily removed with the use of white vinegar.

  • Item Details

    Hand wash only, no soap. Dry promptly.

    Approximate Dimensions: 7.7”H *including handle x 7.7”W, 47 oz volume capacity

    Material: Hand-forged cast iron

    Made in Japan.