Komenuka Wax Candles


Takazawa Candle has been making candles from the grace of plants such as the fruits of sumac tree, rice bran, and rapeseed flower oil since 1892. These darling komenuka, or rice bran candles contain a wick made from a special recipe dating back to the 16th century and is meant to the make the flame burn brighter than other methods. Located in the city of Nanao, in Ishikawa Prefecture, Takazawa remains the only manufacturer in the area that continues producing candles using this traditional method. 

Includes 14 individual candles.

  • Item Details

    Approximate Dimensions: 2.75"H, 30 minute burn time. 14 pcs. per set

    Materials: Rice bran wax, washi paper

    Made in: Japan

    CAUTION: Do not leave candle unattended when burning