Petite Yellow Yixing Tea Pot

Yixing pottery, forged from the deep mines below Jiangsu Province, is an ancient Chinese stoneware meticulously crafted from various types of clay fortified with stones and minerals.   The elegant and simple forms are often inspired by themes of nature, geometry, or the whims of the craftsperson. 

This lovely yellow pot with gentle convex curves, is created with rare Duan Ni or “fortified clay” and fits pleasantly in the hand.  Upon closer look, note the speckle of fine black dots on the surface which accentuate the texture and natural character of the clay.   The unglazed pots are porous and will retain the nuance of the tea with use, curing the pot to perfection.   As such, it is recommended that you commit to one type or similar varieties of tea for each vessel. 

Yixing connoisseurs often suggest brewing a lighter style tea such as a white, yellow, green or bao zhong (light oolong) in a pot crafted from Duan Ni.  To clean, simply rinse the pot with warm water after use, without soap.  The tea pot will develop a delicate, prized patina over time. With care, it will last a lifetime, continuing to improve with age.

5” length x 3 3/8” width” height
Capacity: 225 ml.
Color: Yellow