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Il Buco Vita, Pienza Decanter

Like a splendid piece of glass from La Cattedrale di Pienza delicately exiled on your tabletop. Handmade by a brother-sister team in the historic, hilltop village of Pienza in Tuscany overlooking vineyards, olive groves, cypress walks, and golden-green fields of grain, the Pienza collection is an exemplary touchstone of traditional Renaissance glassblowing techniques and modern Italian urbanism
Open up a Barolo '57 and crown your credenza with this Round Bottom Decanter whose slender tulip-silhouetted neck blooms into a generous wine bay -- like luminous glass enclosing a night-time stretch of the Amalfi coast. Cask of Barolo '57 sold separately.
Approximate Dimensions: 10.2 " H x 5.9 " D
Use with hot liquids is not recommended.

Wash gently by hand with water and mild soap.

Approximate Dimensions: 10"H x 6"D,  17oz volume capacity

Material: handmade glass

Made In: Italy
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