Belgian Linen Beach Tote with Braided Handled


Introducing our exceptional linen bag — a generously sized beach tote for weekends sur la plage.  The woven linen strap is able to gracefully drape over your shoulder, while remaining manageable enough to carry by hand without touching the ground. 

Traditionally crafted from 100% pure Belgian linen, this bag measures approximately 19-inches-by-27. 5 inches and features an inner zipper pocket. Linen, derived from the flax plant, stands out as an eco-friendly material that demands only a fraction of the energy and water resources compared to cotton cultivation and processing. Furthermore, the fiber boasts a range of distinctive qualities: hypoallergenic properties, resistance to moth damage and mildew (we're looking at you, forgotten beach towels)Linen embodies a harmonious combination of versatility, sustainability, and enduring quality.

Moreover, linen's exceptional durability is owed to its tensile strength, which surpasses that of cotton and wool.  With each wash, this fabric becomes even more supple, maintaining ongoing comfort throughout its lifespan. The inherent silica content in flax fiber shields linen against decay, ensuring its long-lasting performance. This is a buy well, buy once moment. 

Plus, when its life cycle comes to an end, many years from now, it gracefully biodegrades, aligning with our commitment to sustainable practices. 

Since 1837, Thieffry has produced timeless linens for the home in Roubaix, France near the border with Belgium. Each piece is made in Europe from flax to finish. Backed by 179 years of tradition and craftsmanship, these true Belgian linen pieces are a new family heirloom.

  • Item Details

    Material: Belgian Linen Bag Dimensions: 19" H x 27.5" W Handle Dimensions: 10.5" Machine wash at mild temperatures. Line dry. Medium iron if needed. Belgian linen air dries easily and will not pill.