New: The International Lover Collection

Why don’t you… take an International Lover? This limited-edition luxury gift set includes our very exclusive black tea and rose blend, a silver Traveler Caddy of no. 405 International Lover,  two dozen Louis Sherry truffles & trefoils in a chic Vreeland Red tin, a vial of love potion, a love letter, and a sparkler. 

No. 405, International Lover, 3oz/86g  ~  Notes of stonefruit, malt, Belgian chocolate, dried desert fruit and heirloom roses. 

Ingredients: Chinese black teas, hibiscus, spices, lavender, rose petals.

Louis Sherry Chocolates ~ Includes 24 delectable, assorted chocolates. Contains dairy and some may contain nuts.

The Love Potion ~ Wildcrafted with organic brandy, spring water, flower essence & organic flowers. Dose: Four drops, one time per day. Wield the botanical magic carefully.