Bellocq Fruit & Botanical Preserve Collection


Bountiful, ripe fruit transformed into the most gently, sublime fruit preserves. Enjoy all four selections: Red Raspberry & Rosewater,  Peach & Le Hammeau Fruit Preserve, Blackberry, Cassis & Sage Fruit Preserve, Meyer Lemon & The Earl Grey together in one collection. Optional, gift-wrapped collection available, too. 

Included in the collection: 

Red Raspberry & RosewaterIntoxicating red raspberries, the jewels of the garden, gently preserved with a touch of delicate rosewater.  Plucked from their brambles at the height of summer, properly ripe and deeply fragrant, the berries are not so much transformed, as suspended in a rose-scented, scarlet dream. Utterly decadent, and delicious beyond measure. Spoon into jam tarts or swirl between layers of whipped cream and meringue.

Ingredients: Red raspberries, cane sugar, rosewater, fruit pectin.

Peach & Le Hammeau Fruit Preserve Fragrant and tender orchard-ripe peaches, gently simmered with our meadow flower inspired No. 12, Le Hammeau, an herbal blend with notes of lemongrass, lavender, and rose. A stone fruit and wildflower sonnet in a jar. Sublime tucked into delicate crepes or pillowy shortcakes and cream.

Ingredients: Peaches, cane sugar, water, no.12 Le Hammeau tea, lemon juice, fruit pectin.  

Blackberry, Cassis & Sage Fruit Preserve:  Soft, plump blackberries, dark as ink and bursting with summer goodness, gently preserved with cassis and mellow notes of garden sage. Perfect slathered on a slice of grilled wholegrain bread, or pair with a savory artisan cheese.

Ingredients: Blackberries, cane sugar, sage, cassis, fruit pectin.

Meyer Lemon & The Earl Grey Marmalade Glorious Meyer lemons, smooth, tender and deeply fragrant with a gentle floral finish. Hand-cut and gently simmered with our no. 35, The Earl Grey, a Ceylon tea with bright notes of Sicilian bergamot. Indulge on thick slices of buttered brioche or spoonfuls straight from the jar.

Ingredients: Meyer lemons, cane sugar, water, organic Ceylon tea, Sicilian bergamot.

Net weight of each jar: 8.2 ounces

Made in the USA

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