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No. 139, 2012 Broom Puerh


This is an unusual raw (sheng) puerh from Menghai.   Clear, smooth and sweet with gentle woody, musky notes and a subtle suggestion of tangerine. 

Origin: Menghai, Yunnan Province, China - 2012

Cultivar: Ancient Tea Bush

Elevation: 900m


    • Brewing Instructions

      • 2 tsp per 8oz/250ml of water 
      • 195ºF/90ºC (Bring fresh, cold spring water to a boil. Remove from heat, set aside 1-2 minutes, and proceed.)
      • Brew 4-6 minutes

      All puerh may enjoy multiple infusions; for each successive steep, slightly increase brewing time, being careful to drain vessel in it’s entirety before adding fresh water to the warm leaves.

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