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Yixing Calligrapher's Tea Pot

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Yixing pottery, forged from deep within the mines beneath the earth of Jiangsu Province, is an ancient Chinese stoneware meticulously crafted from various types of clay fortified with stones and minerals.  Since the time of the Ming Dynasty, Yixing pots have been considered the finest choice for tea preparation and enjoyment.  The elegant and simple forms are often inspired by themes of nature, geometry, or the whims of the crafts person.

This diminutive pot, crafted of lustrous zisha clay, rests beautifully in the hand, the gentle sloping sides, smooth and soothing to the touch. Yixing pots are not glazed, but porous, allowing the vessel to retain the nuance of the tea with use.  This is a highly desirable quality, referred to as "seasoning".  As such, it is recommended that you commit to one type or similar varieties of tea for each vessel.  For this pot, we might suggest our Song Zhong Phoenix, a roasted oolong with fragrant notes of pear, osmanthus and melon. To clean, simply rinse the pot with warm water after use, without soap.  The tea pot will develop a delicate, prized patina over time. With care, it will last a lifetime, continuing to improve with age.

Dimensions:  6" length x 4"width x 4 3/4"height

Capacity: 7oz.

Also shown with Zisha Gong Fu Tea Cups.

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