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Black Yixing Silhouette Teapot

 Yixing pottery, forged from deep mines below Jiangsu Province, is an ancient Chinese stoneware meticulously crafted from various types of clay fortified with stones and minerals. Since the time of the Ming Dynasty, Yixing pots have been considered the finest choice for tea preparation and enjoyment.  The elegant and simple forms are often inspired by themes of nature, geometry, or the whims of the crafts person.

This elegant vessel of smooth black clay, with a rounded, high shoulder is somewhat reminiscent of the classic ginger jar form.  The unglazed pots are porous and will retain the nuance of the tea with use, curing the pot to perfection.  As such, it is recommended that you commit to one type or similar varieties of tea for each vessel. 

For this pot, we might suggest a black tea such as the elegant, wild-honey nuanced Royal Golden Yunnan or perhaps another selection, Keemun Imperial Black Snail rich with notes of caramel, cocoa and malt. To clean, simply rinse the pot with warm water after use, without soap.  The teapot will develop a delicate, prized patina over time. With care, it will last a lifetime, continuing to improve with age. Also available in Red.

Dimensions: 9" length x 4 3/4" width x 7" height

Capacity: 4 cups 3 oz.

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