Inakatei Teapot, Black Candy



Handmade by Iga, Mie Prefecture craftsmen, the Inakatei ceramic teapot is finished with a Kuroame glossy ‘black candy’ glaze and traditional bamboo handle.

Applying traditional techniques,  the handcrafted Iga-ware uses local clay and natural glazes.  Iga clay is known for its strength and the ancient stones in the clay result in natural character and unique texture. 

The Inakatei teapot is not a kettle, and cannot be used on direct flame.


  • Item Details

    Rinse with water and handwash only.

    Approximate Dimensions: 6" W (at spout) x 5"H (not including handle) x 4"D, L volume capacity

    Material: Iga clay, bamboo handle

    Made In: Tokoname in Aichi, Japan