Faceted Yixing Cup


Yixing (ee-ching) pottery, forged from ancient clay, stone and mineral deposits deep within the earth of Jiangsu Province, is an ancient Chinese stoneware tradition meticulously crafted from specific clay or fortified clay blends.  Since the time of the Ming Dynasty, Yixing tea ware have been considered the finest choice for tea preparation and enjoyment.  The elegant and simple forms are often inspired by themes of nature, geometry, or the whim of the crafts person, such as a mythical dragon.

The unglazed vessels are porous and will retain the nuance, or memory, of the tea with use.  This is highly desirable quality, otherwise known as "seasoning".  As such, it is recommended that you commit to one type or similar varieties of tea for each vessel. To clean, simply rinse the piece with warm water after use, without soap.  The pottery will develop a delicate, prized patina over time. With care, it will last a lifetime, continuing to improve with age.

About this product:

These lovely, delicate cups are crafted from luscious cinnabar-red zhuni clay.   

Capacity: 2 oz.