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Il Buco Vita, Pienza 10oz Tumbler - Blush (Set of 2)


Like a splendid piece of glass from La Cattedrale di Pienza delicately exiled on your tabletop. Handmade by a brother-sister team in the historic, hilltop village of Pienza in Tuscany overlooking vineyards, olive groves, cypress walks, and golden-green fields of grain, the Pienza collection is an exemplary touchstone of traditional Renaissance glassblowing techniques and modern Italian urbanism

Give your table top a rose-colored tint with these Pienza tumblers. At its heart colored glassware is a glimpse into the ethereal -- capturing not the color of a rose, a peach, or a plum per se but putting into delicious suspension the tint of the shadow of a rose, a peach, or a plum.

And the inspired addition of a dimpled pedestal will help to keep your beverages chilled longer. Very similar to the practice of punting on wine bottles in fact, the dimpled base creates more glass surface area which when served on the rocks allows the glass' content to stay cooler longer.

Each piece is made by hand and so retains its own expressive particularities and imperfections, part of the beauty of the line.

  • Item Details

    Use with hot liquids is not recommended.

    Wash gently by hand with water and mild soap.

    Approximate Dimensions: 10"H x 6"D, 10 oz volume capacity

    Material: Glass

    Made In: Italy