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The New Tea Companion ~ A Guide to Tea Throughout the World

By Jane Pettigrew & Bruce Richardson

Autographed Hardcover

We were delighted to have had Jane Pettigrew visit with us in our London Atelier and are very pleased to be able to share this wonderful book with our guests. This is such a valuable resource for all those who enjoy fine teas.

"The tea world's favorite guide to the most widely consumed beverage is completely up-to-date in this new edition. Rigorously researched, it provides details of the origin, production, and character of over 100 white, green, oolong, black, yellow, and puerh teas. Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson, leading experts on tea, guide tea lovers through the history of tea, tea manufacture, tea blends, brewing techniques and equipment, and the culture of tea drinking in different countries."

This text includes countries of origin, tasting notes, steeping times, temperatures, and color photographs.

Hardcover / 256 pages / Second Edition / Published by Benjamin Press, 2008

Dimensions: 9.1" x 5.9" x 1.2"

About the Authors: 

Jane Pettigrew is one of the world's leading tea experts and tea consultants. Since 1983, she has been working in Great Britain and around the world to explain and share the extraordinary world of tea. She speaks at international conferences, teaches Tea Masterclasses, acts as consultant to hotels and tea rooms, and appears regularly on television and radio. She has written thirteen books on tea, including The Social History of Tea, Afternoon Tea, Design for Tea, and Traditional Teatime Recipes.

Bruce Richardson is a tea blender and writer who has been active in America's tea renaissance for nearly twenty years. He has served on the Advisory Committee for Specialty Tea Institute (STI). He is a frequent contributing writer and photographer for publications such as Tea Time and Fresh Cup magazines and the author of many books on tea, including The Great Tea Rooms of Britain and The Great Tea Rooms of America.