Woodland Mushroom Tea Towel

Bring charm and whimsy to your kitchen or powder room with this brightly embroidered linen from our friends at Coral & Tusk. This delightful design features Amanita Muscari, the cosmopolitan mushroom, as well as woodland ferns, additional mushrooms, possibly shitake, and a teeny, tiny ladybug (we've named her Miranda).

Amanita is featured extensively in folkloric tradition, its iconic red and white caps lending ornamental flair to holiday vignettes in northern climes. It was used in shamanic and religious rituals by subarctic people and may be the source of inspiration for Santa's flying reindeer. 

  • Item Details

    If you prefer a natural look, feel free to machine wash on a delicate cycle, and line dry. To keep your linens crisp, consider spot clean treatments or dry cleaning.

    Dimensions: 25" x 18" unfolded / 2.5" x 6" folded

    Made from 100% unbleached and undyed natural linen.