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No. 60, Himalayan Imperial Black

This profoundly handsome autumn tea from Nepal's finest organic garden is flush with notes of cocoa. Warming on the palate, expressions of pink peppercorn, dried plum, pecan shell and maple sugar materialize through the velvety-oxidized darkness. Subtle notes of incense linger on the finish. The energy is grounded and altogether satisfying. Overall, a very fine tea crafted in the high Himlayan terroir using local cultivars in the style of East Asia. The resulting tea is unique to this garden and unlike anything found elsewhere. 

Jun Chiyabari is a small, organic estate founded by brothers Lochan and Bachan Gyawali.  Their unique and complex teas are reflective of the innovative philosophy and practices the Gyawali’s have embraced to deliver some of most well produced teas coming out of the Himalayas. 

Origin: Jun Chiyabari, Dhankuta District, Nepal, 2020

Elevation: 1650-2200m