Lilith Rockett, Porcelain Gaiwan

We simply adore Lilith Rockett's hand-thrown, matte, white porcelain gaiwan. The simple and ergonomic design has remained virtually untouched for centuries and provides one with the ability to steep fine teas quickly, simply, and repeatedly. Considered an essential tasting tool for any lover of fine leaves, it is used for both drinking and for serving tea.

Lilith Rockett, an American studio potter living in Portland, Oregon, works primarily in porcelain. Her work, created by hand on the potter's wheel, reveals a deep interest in exploring the qualities of the material: translucency, fluidity, density, and the velvety softness of an unglazed, polished surface.

Minimal in both form and surface, her work calls attention to subtle nuances of line and shadow, with a delight in the quiet imperfections that characterize the handmade.



  • Item Details

    Dimensions: 4"W x 4 1/4"H

    Material: Porcelain, Unglazed exterior, glazed interior

    We recommended hand washing this item. Pro-tip: To remove tea stains from matte porcelain, scrub gently with a Mr. Clean magic eraser.