Bellocq Ultimate Year of Tea


Experience the delight of a full year with Bellocq. This collection comprises twelve months of our finest artisan blends delivered once a month, presented in lovely yellow Bellocq Boxes. The first month ships with a handwritten personalized message and a handwoven, silver-plated tea strainer. At a 15% discount compared to purchasing the teas separately, even those of us who work at the shop are tempted to indulge. Enjoy!

(International Orders will ship as ONE shipment; NOT as monthly deliveries!)

January •  No. 01, Bellocq Breakfast 
February • No. 12, Le Hammeau
March • No. 47, The Queen’s Guard 
April • No. 52, Étoile de l’Inde 
May • No. 38, Majorelle Mint 
June •No.129, Peony Peach
July • No. 35, The Earl Grey 
August • No. 128, Hibiscus Moroccan Rose
September • No. 20, Kikuya 
October • No. 18, Afghani Chai 
November • No. 42, Little Dickens 
December • No. 44, Bellocq Christmas