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Woven Turkish Double Strap


 Dry brushing produces notable health benefits through the stimulation and enhancement of blood and lymph flow, promoting detoxification while also smoothing and decongesting the epidermis, ultimately allowing for enhanced regeneration.

The handwoven Turkish Double Strap is artisan-crafted by a venerable family-run Italian factory of very fine, white horsehair and natural aloe sisal and finished with carved walnut handles. The beautiful weave is strong and a true luxury bath item, lasting for years, with care. Reminiscent of health accessories found at alpine Swiss institutes or classic Italian Thermal Spas, the fibers of the Turkish Double Strap warm and exfoliate, allowing for deeper penetration of therapeutic oils or mud, resulting in smooth, glowing skin.  Muesli with grated apple, optional.  See: No 124, Swiss Institute.

Use dry, or slightly moistened with an quick-drying alcohol based mist.  

Made in Italy of white horsehair and aloe sisal. We are honored to be working with one of the last remaining factories working in the horsehair tradition.