Sue Pryke, Porcelain Tea Set


This beautiful white porcelain tea set is a collaboration between celebrated British ceramist Sue Pryke and her husband, John.  Exuding a sense of calm, the modern white bisque porcelain pieces are slip cast from a combination of clays and fired to a high temperature until no longer porous, then polished by hand to give it a stone like quality. The handsome teapot balances the natural beauty of wood and ceramic giving a pared back simple aesthetic. The teapot handle is made from steam bent oak (by John). The pieces are glazed on the interior and matte on the exterior. Each porcelain tea set contains one teapot, two tea cups, one creamer, one strainer and a tea spoon.

As each piece is individually made there will be slight changes in each piece and slight color variations, which is indicative of the material and the hand made processes.  

Sue Pryke is a celebrated British ceramist who started her career with Wedgwood as a shape designer. She is inspired by the everyday and the ordinary; material qualities, textures and the interaction we have with objects.  Available in white.

  • Item Details

    Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. (We recommend hand washing the tea pot.)

    Materials: Porcelain and Oak

    Made in: England