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A digital dossier of all things camellia sinensis and beyond

ISSUE NO. 01 : a journey of water

Bellocq Tea Atelier was born out of great admiration and wonder. A deeply-rooted expedition to discover, learn, and create alongside this sumptuous and cardinal plant. Tea is oftentimes depicted as solely esoteric, missing the curiosity that is essential to creating a connection with this historic plant. From leaf to cup, each plucking’s experience is entirely different and a necessary lesson in refinement and patience. While creating this curiosity-driven journal, we were constantly drawn to the sentiment that tea is essentially a journey of water. A series of transfusions with the eventual goal of producing a pleasurable and exploratory cup. Join us in the exposition of curiosity, the related terroir-based pedagogy, and the discovering the vast uses of tea, and its accompanying parts, in our everyday lives.



Each leaf, brass candle, herb or hand-thrown chawan is linked in collaboration to a global network of artisans. This journal will highlight these creators and examine the artistic process and intention behind each product. We hope to shed some light on commonly asked questions like: Where is your Dragonwell green tea grown? What the heck is up with the Fireside Chai? Who creates your glassware? What was the inspiration behind the iced tea collection? This journal creates a unique opportunity for coaction and curiosity; a curated meeting place of wonder.


tea culture

Tea and its surrounding components are in constant flux. This perpetual weaving of tradition, history and innovation is where we find opportunity for scholarship. If you have ever found yourself speculative about brewing methods or what TGFOP means when associated with a tea type, we welcome your questions and encourage you to explore the vast and occasionally feral leanings of our collection. As humans, we are in a phase of aspiring metamorphosis - tea is the symbiotic epicenter for development and introspection. Tea is the binding agent of our collective value systems.


recipes & pairings

Tea is a natural companion to recipe and menu curation. It has the defined ability to reveal otherwise hushed tasting notes within a dish, blend seamlessly with a cocktail or elevate one’s overall dining experience. Discover nuances of flavor and technique through the clever use of tea. We will delve into tea and food pairings and alike infused recipes. Each humbly luxurious while remaining grounded for the ease of home-base implementation or restaurant-paced functionality.